The Vintage Baby Preset Bundle is a collection of 3 Lightroom CC photo editing filters that will add rich, earthy nostalgia to your photos. These are perfect for leveling up your photography, instagram photos, or just for trying out a new aesthetic.


Vintage Baby is a soft, glowy nostalgic feel with that yummy warmth and grain to it. 

Vintage Portrait crisply captures features with that same velvety film aesthetic for great pictures of yourself and travel peeps.

Vintage Landscape is that good ol' earthy film vibe with clear reds, greens and blues to capture perfectly every terrain.



These presets work on both desktop and mobile. The Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor mobile app is free to install and does not require a subscription, but to edit with Adobe Lightroom on your desktop you'll need the monthly subscription.

1/    After you check out and download the presets, double click on the .zip file on your computer to open it up into a folder. 

2/    If you’re installing the presets on your phone, email or AirDrop the .dng files to your phone and save them to your phone’s camera roll. At this point, the photos will look like blank white or black squares, but that’s how they’re supposed to look!

3/    Open up the Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor mobile app or desktop Adobe Lightroom and import the squares.

4/    Click on one of the photos in Lightroom to open it. On mobile, click on the three dots on the upper right hand corner, then “Create Preset” to save the preset. On desktop, click “Presets” in the lower right hand corner, then click the three dots in the upper right hand corner, then “Create Preset” to save the preset. This basically saves the settings of my photo so you can apply them quickly to any of your pics!

5/    Repeat this process for the remaining files.



Keep in mind that like any filter, your photo will probably need some adjusting after you apply it! Feel free to change the exposure, highlights, shadows, and white balance to whatever works best for your image! You may need to adjust the yellow, orange, and red sliders to suit your skin tone and hair color.

Please reach out to helenwestco@gmail.com if you experience technical difficulties of any kind.

~Vintage Baby~ Preset Bundle

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